Welcome to IHC, a Pure clan created on 20 december 2010.

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IHC General
-IHC Leaders Boss's/Founders-
Panic Ur 0HP

Stolen Claws

-IHC Co-Leaders-
IHC Whoots

-Ingame Channels-
General IHC : #IHC Channel
IHC Lure Channel: #IHC Lures

-IHC HomeWorld-
Xfire List
-XFire Usernames-

Panic Ur 0HP: IHCPanic
Alas: DarkersLtd
Exhaustah: Exhaustah
Squamph: Squamph
M0sheb: Mercylessk0
IRepresentNY: IRepresentNY
Lawl Frozen: LawlFrozen
Turk Prod: TurkProd
Tagzz: Tagzzz
muminini: muminini
IHC Whoots: epicwhoots
Il SMD II: randomilol
IanClawedYa: IhcIan
Mutilated Jr: Nikki855
IFrogzz: ifrogzz
Tensely dds: xdannyx1

XFire Nickname Formula (TOOLS>OPTIONS>NICKNAME):

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IHC News
-IHC is back-

After a long go, Exhaustah, Panic Ur 0HP and many other old members have decided to start it all over again. Most of us created new accounts, Exhaustah is now named "I H C Ashie", Panic ur 0HP is named "IHC Panic", 0RP is now "I H C Pro", and many more, so be sure to come back to IHC Channel if you are logged in.

I've also changed the forum theme and the headers are getting changed. I'm not sure but I think I'll delete most of the topics for a new start. New forum moderators will be chosen, ranks will be asigned etc.

We were also thinking about changing our hats color and change the clan again but in a positive way.

See you in game!
The IHC Staff
IHC War Results
-IHC Wars Results-

IHC[WIN 1-0] vs OSI [Loss]
IHC[WIN 2-0] vs TW [Disqualified + Loss]
IHC[WIN 1-0] vs Uncut Lads [Loss]

-IHC Mini Wars Results-

IHC[WIN] vs TW [Loss]
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IHC Quick Links
-IHC Quick Links-

IHC Member List
IHC Rules
IHC Requirements

-IHC YouTube channels-

IHC Tube
Panic Ur 0HP's Channel
Exhaustah's Channel
IanClawedYa's Channel
Lawl Frozen's Channel
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